Creating skilled and well-trained professionals are what apprenticeships all about. Every individual has different potentials, different interests and different available resources. Not every individual is born to be a doctor, an engineer, a politician or a well-qualified dignitary. But, yes, every individual can make his/her career be shaped in the right direction. It is necessary one recognizes his capacities and interests before choosing any apprenticeship program. apprenticeships create skilled people perfect for various jobs. Knowledge has no bounds and nor does the interests. If one seeks, one achieves. But for developing an interest in the prospective profession needs recognition. apprenticeship programs offer license to trained individuals to be able to practice in a regulated manner.

Earning while learning

Most of the learning and training is on-site. So, apprentices do not have to worry about boring classroom studies or lengthy school projects. And hence apprenticeships are paid. Earning while learning is the best thing one can think of. They can therefore also be called vocational training and internships. Professional certification is awarded to apprentices on completion of the training program. This helps them to step ahead in the profession and have prospective jobs in hands.


An apprentice is a learner. The person learning a particular trade and getting skilled in it from already a trained and excelled person in the respective industry is known as an apprentice.

Kinds of apprenticeship programs

Every apprenticeship program has originated from the need of skilled and responsible people to do the task. So, where there is a need, there is training made available in several fields. Plenty of programs are available to choose from according to interests and needs. Some of them are highlighted here:

  • Craftsmen apprenticeships
  • Childcare apprenticeships
  • Dental apprenticeships
  • Makeover apprenticeships
  • Tailoring
  • Nursing apprenticeships
  • Engineering apprenticeships
  • construction apprenticeships
  • Electrician apprenticeships
  • Construction apprenticeships

Many programs such as childcare apprenticeships help not only at professional levels but also in personal life.